A Winters Day at Chester Zoo

Way back on 27th Feb, my boyfriend and I hopped onto a train, early one Saturday morning and headed off to spend the day at Chester Zoo. We had such a lovely day, and although it was cold, the weather stayed dry too, bonus!





Cuddling Otters





The animals were so incredible, how cute is that little baby elephant?! And the sloth had only been at the zoo for a couple of days and was still getting used to his surroundings which were an open enclosure where he climbed across ropes above your head! He then came down to the floor and posed with this post so that everyone could get his photograph, diva.

I find it pretty crazy how in one small space there is so much of the world which you can see, animals which I could never get the chance to see in the wild!

My boyfriend even managed to get me to go through the bat cave, NEVER again! ahah! Along with it being smelly, it was dark and there was bats flying loose everywhere (obviously leanne, its a bat cave). I have never grabbed his arm so tight, and I made him run straight through to the exit with my eyes closed the whole time! I’m such an embarrassment! Didn’t like the butterfly enclosure too much either, must be the flapping of the wings, and their lack of spacial awareness, ahah!

Despite that though, we had such a fun day, and I put my hand in my pocket on the way out and found a £20 note!

Oh, and my boyfriend treated me to the most gorgeous Charlie Bear who I couldn’t possibly leave sitting in Chester Zoo shop after looking into her eyes, i’m pretty sure that I turned into the love heart eyes emoji.

love, Leanne x


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