Alton Adventures

Expecting to wake up to glorious sunshine, on Friday night we all arranged to go out for the day on Saturday and have some fun exploring Dovedale. Instead, we woke up to cloudy skies and a weather forecast of thunderstorms! So a quick brainstorm ended in a complete change of plan and we ended up going to Alton Towers Extraordinary Golf.

The weather turned out to be glorious once we got to Alton and we had SO much fun playing golf, although myself and Kay came joint last and gave up on most of the holes as we kept getting stuck at the beginning of the hole. We played 9 holes before stopping for a dinner break in the sunshine, then carried on to finish the other 9 holes. Our boys then treated us to a Calippo Shots, my fave ice-lolly, YUM!

After we finished golf we were planning on going to Dovedale for the afternoon, but instead decided to park the car and go exploring the forests in Alton in search of the Chained Oak Tree.

The Chained Oak is a tree in alton which has a legend attached to it which says that the tree was chained down after people began to die each time a branch fell from the tree! Spooky!

As we wandered along the dirt-tracks we discovered a little clearing with a beautiful river where we stopped for a little while. I setup my camera on a grassy verge and snapped loads of photos of us, while the boys skimmed rocks and were competing for who could get the most skips! Cuties! <3

Music –

We carried on walking while the boys tried to remember the directions they had been told for us to find the tree!

“We need to find the teapot, then go over the bridge”
“Do we need to go over the bridge, or under the bridge?”
“I can’t remember, lets keep walking”

We managed to find it in the end, I don’t really know how though with the boys’ memories, aha – find the teapot on the bridge, turn around and go up the steps to the bridge, then don’t go over the bridge but follow the track around, up a bank and there it was! We climbed up, sat and had a natter and a giggle for a little while, before deciding it was time to head home. Just then it started pouring down, at least it was warm rain!

Everyone then came back to mine for the evening, the boys played X-box and we all shared stories and laughter until 1am!

I could get used to having amazing weekend adventures like these, so much fun!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend,

love, Leanne xx




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