Bank-Holiday-Weekend Fun!

This weekend was the best weekend that I have had in a long time with the most amazing friends!

About 4 weeks ago, my boyfriend took me to Costa with him to meet up with 2 friends of his from school which he had recently gotten back in touch with, and what can I say? Since that day we have all been inseparable, in a group chat on Facebook we never stop chatting, and if we aren’t chatting there we are busy Snapping away on Snapchat to eachother! We had made arrangements to go out together each weekend since we all met, but this weekend we just couldn’t get enough of eachother! aha!

On Friday, we went to Costa again just for a chat and a chill really. We weren’t planning on staying more than an hour or 2 but ended up being there from 12.30 – 4.30 just chatting and laughing until our tummies hurt! We can literally talk for hours about nothing then wonder where the time has gone! I had a Vanilla Soya Chai Latte, YUM, and then me and my boyfriend had half of a cheese & tomato toastie and half of a cheese, tomato and pesto panini each, and boooy was it yummy!

Saturday I spent at a beautiful babyshower for an old friend, then we spent all evening with our new pals again! We all went around to Kay’s house and yet again spent the whole time giggling and just enjoying being in eachothers company. The boys spent all night playing X-box (Reece is a youtube gamer – MrSoftyGames) and me and Kay spent all night chatting about blogging (Kay also blogs – CoffeeWithKays), life and many other things.  I am so super lucky to have found such incredible people! <3

Myself and Kay had to work all day on Sunday, but when we realised that we would all be free on Monday, it was inevitable that we would be making plans to see eachother!

On Monday afternoon, we all met on Sainsburys carpark, went to buy some snacks then had a stroll up to town to the Cinemas. We got there and the queue was almost out of the door and we were already late for the film which we were aiming to see. We queued anyway and booked the next showing, which was 2 hours later. To fill the time before the movie, we decided that we would all go to GBK for some food, and it was SOO GOOD! Of course, the time flew by and we went to see Robinson Crusoe, which none of us thought was as good as we were expecting.

Once the film had ended, none of us wanted to go home, so we ended up going back to Costa and sitting, chatting and laughing again (surprise, surprise) until closing time at 9pm when we were all forced to go home! 🙁

I had such an amazing weekend with such amazing people, and although we didn’t really do much, just being in eachothers company is so much fun!

I hope that you had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Love, Leanne xx

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