Biddulph Grange Gardens

Back on 7th June, myself and Kieran decided that we would head out to use our new National Trust Memberships for the first time. As it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, it would have been rude not to!

As we are currently trying to explore our surroundings more, we tapped in our postcode on the National Trust website to bring up all of the attractions closest to us. We decided on Biddulph Grange Gardens, which is around a 30 minute drive away from where we live.

It is such a stunning place, as you enter the gardens, you walk through the property, where people still live, how amazing!

As we emerged from the house, my breath was taken away by the sea of colour which was in front of me, so so beautiful.

They are Victorian Gardens, which have been preserved from the 19th Century. And unlike any other gardens which I have been to before, they are split into different sections. Each section has plants and decorations from a different country, which makes it even more exciting to look at, as there are so many things which I had never seen before.

We never would have seen it all had we not used a map, the winding pathways are so secluded and hidden away that it would be so easy to get lost! I struggled even with a map aha!

Dotted around in the more woodlandy areas are these cute little ‘Bug Hotels’ which are made up of wood, straw and leaves in order to attract the creepy crawlies.

One of my favourite parts was this China inspired section, as you walk in it makes you feel like you have been transported away from England, beautiful. There is also a little waterfall tucked in the corner, which I could have stayed and listened to for hours, I just find the sound so relaxing.

It is such a wonderful place, and I can’t wait until the sun is shining again so that we can go back to take our friends and a picnic. Perfection.

Having a National Trust Membership is so so worth every penny when you get to see so many beautiful places at a fraction of the cost of entry, easily one of the best purchases I have made this year.

love, Leanne xx

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