On Monday morning we woke up to more beautiful sunshine, I don’t know what we have done to deserve this many sunny days in a row! With no plans, Kieran and I decided to just go out for a drive to somewhere we have never been before!

We got ready, had some breakfast then hopped into the car to Buxton. The drive there had such incredible views of the countryside and as we entered the town, I could tell already that I was going to love it.

We parked the car and headed off to explore. The first place which we discovered was an incredible bookshop which was 5 floors, filled top to bottom with first editions and very old books, so amazing to see! We got chatting to a lovely lady who worked there who gave us a map and told us all about the best places of the town to go and explore. As they also restore books there, she showed me some of their hot-metal-type, which I swooned over for a little while *insert love-heart-eyes emoji*.

We went to the Fish & Chip shop for some dinner, and because the sunshine was out, I felt like I was on holiday, not, less than an hour away from home. Something which I had to keep reminding myself of all day. It really made me realise that you don’t need to spend a lot of money travelling to find gorgeous places, explore what you have on your doorstep!

I spotted a small Fine-Art and Contemporary-Art gallery tucked away. Such a good idea for a use of an empty building! The gallery was an old building which they clearly had done nothing to, in order to modernise or decorate, but they had just hung the art works all around the rooms, hallways and stair cases.

There was even an indoor garden at the top of one of the landings, the information with it said that directly above there is a window in the roof which leaks, so instead of fixing the leak, they had made use of it to water the garden! So inspirational and resourceful!

The local pharmacy is still laid out just as it would have been, with all of the chemicals and powders in jars. All of which are original and still contain the ingredients, some they still use today!

We then wandered down into the main town and had a little mooch around the shops. I did a little bit of damage in Superdrug, and left with a multi-coloured lipstick-swatched hand!

After doing a little bit of shopping, we decided to do a little more ‘sight-seeing’ and discovered some gardens with beautiful views, rivers and waterfalls. I could have sat on that rock, just listening to nature and people enjoying themselves for hours!

There was also an indoor conservatory which had the most colourful and beautiful flowers! Pretty pretty!

I completely and utterly fell in love with Buxton town, it felt like a little seaside town, just without the sea, and I could totally see myself living there! Tucked away in the middle of nowhere, but close enough to everywhere I need to get to, perfect!

I think I’ve got the exploring bug now, I want to discover many more places which are surrounding me, I am sure that there are many!

Have you ever taken time to explore your surroundings? If you haven’t, you should!

love, Leanne xx

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