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Okay, so things have been a little quiet over here for the last month or so. That’s not because I have fallen out of love with blogging (I have so many photos waiting for posts to be written, believe me), but because I have been super busy working on a little (maybe a bit bigger than little, but little for the time being) project which I have just finished and put live for you all to go and look at.

As I mentioned in my Life Wobbles post, I have wanted to set up my own little business for a little while now, as an alternative creative outlet to uni which still had a purpose to me designing things. And that is exactly what I have gone and done!

I have been working almost every day for the last month or so on designing products, finding suppliers, finding the best ways of shipping, refining prices etc. And today, I have finally finished the bulk of the work and have put my shop live. I can’t quite believe what I am saying.  I  h a v e   a   s h o p.  what?!

I know that the work is really only just beginning, but I have found the whole process so exciting, nerve wracking and completely and utterly addictive. I have wanted to work on it from the second I woke up until the second I have fallen asleep, and at times have had to restrain myself to take some time away from it all. But the time I have spent ‘working’ hasn’t felt like I have been ‘working’ at all. It has flown by!

For the time being, we are focussing on selling 2 different ‘styles’ of product but each have a few different variations. Of course, there will be more products added as time goes on but go on over and have a look at what we have to offer right now, I’m not sharing all over here!

I just put my shop live, and couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to come over here and splurge a load of words out about it. Sorry. It’s just so bloody exciting and completely terrifying at the same time. So please forgive me.

Please, go over and have a little look, be kind, and maybe even treat yourself. I would be eternally grateful to you. <3
love, Leanne xx

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