Day 1 | Just Touched Down

Yesterday, we flew, yes, you read that right, we flew to Newquay from Manchester. I am not particularly great with travel via car, and having loved Newquay last time we came we decided that we wouldn’t let that hold us back. So we booked some flights and jumped onto a plane!

It was the fastest and best flight that I have ever had by far, it took us just 40 minutes from take off to landing. MUCH better than 5+ hours sitting in the back of a car! Plus, because I have been on a plane I really feel like I am on holiday!

As we walked through the corridors of the hotel I was praying for us to have a sea view, and nearly burst with excitement when this view was there to greet me! How beautiful?! I literally feel so lucky! (I am currently lying in bed writing this up, window open, listening to the waves crashing in. I want this forever.)

After dumping our bags in the room and making a quick stop off at the shops to stock up on some breakfast and nibbles for the week, we headed down the main high-street for a stroll and ended up on the beach. It makes me feel so at peace and happy.

We stopped off at a local chippy to grab some tea then wandered back down to the beach to find a place to sit and fill our bellies.

Can we just take a moment though to appreciate how absolutely incredible the garlic mayo that I had with my chips was though? Mmm!

Afterwards, we popped back to the room for a little rest and to plan out the activities which we want to do for the rest of the week. Before heading back out for another stroll to find something to do with our evening.

We ended up back on the beach for a little while, this time the sea was on it’s way in to shore and we climbed up some rocks to watch it from above. So beautiful.

We then ended our evening in the arcades on the high-street, wasting our money, 2p at a time, to win more 2p’s and key-rings. But there is just something so addictive about that little buzz of excitement which you get as your 2p falls, and pushes the others over the edge creating an avalanche of 2p’s and prizes.

It’s the small things in life which really can make you happy.

love, Leanne xx

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