Day 1 | Road Trippin’

Yesterday morning, bright and early, myself and Kieran packed up the car and headed off to pick up 2 of our dear friends for a lil 5 day holiday. We have only driven around 2 hours away from home, but we are by the coast and everything is so gorgeous!

I’m not a great traveller, but the 90’s-2000’s R’n’B playlist, and the lil Costa stop-off kept me occupied.

The place where we are staying wasn’t ready until 3pm, so when we arrived, we headed into Llandudno as there was a Victorian Extravaganza Festival going on. I am a sucker for anything old school, and it did not disappoint. We were greeted (after paying unnecessary parking) by a band playing George Formby music, then headed over to ‘Professor Jon’s Flea Circus’. I have never seen anything like it! A circus of ‘fleas’! It was so cool, and to think of how old the show is, is incredible. We then headed over to watch a magician/illusionist, who ended up being from our home town!

A quick stop off at the pub toilets, and the boy’s said that our house was ready! So we had a quick walk through the rest of the festival, which was full of fair rides, helter-skelter’s and carnival games, before heading off.

We were absolutely blown away by how gorgeous the place we are staying is! We booked a whole house for the 4 of us through Airbnb, and the host has made it so special, even lil chocolates on our pillows! We settled straight in and unpacked before jumping in the car, and nipping to Tesco to grab some food for the week.

After we had unpacked all of the food, and had a lil chill out in the house, the sunshine had come out and we popped out for a walk to explore the area we are staying in. We headed down to the harbour and went inside the Smallest House in Great Britain. I honestly have no idea how people lived inside, it had a bench in the downstairs, just enough head room to stand, and a ladder to the upstairs which was only big enough to fit a single bed! Teeny!

There was also a cute lil craft market on, with homemade jam, so delicious! I treated myself to a jar of Pineapple and Coconut Rum flavoured and it is SO yummy!

On the way back, we took advantage of the gorgeous sun, and spent some time just hanging out and taking goofy (along with some cute) photos.

Meet the Ultimate Dream Team, album dropping Summer 2017, aha! (;

We then spent the evening chilling out in the house (I think that this could be a common occurrence this week as it is just so damn lovely!) watching movies and chatting, perfection!

See you again tomorrow for Day 2, I think we are going to the Zoo!

love Leanne xo

{ps. I also vlogged, check that out here}

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