Day 3 | Holywell Bay

Yesterday we spent the morning at Holywell Bay Fun Park having lots of fun. When we arrived it had not been open long and we had the whole park almost to ourselves, so we headed firstly over to the Go Karts. I had never been in a Go Kart before and it is so much fun! I did breakdown half-way around though and the man had to come and rescue me, aha, nothing ever goes to plan with me around!

We then headed over to Merlins Magical Maze, where we spent around half an hour going backwards, and forwards, and around and around, past the mushrooms about 26 million times trying to find our way to the centre then out again.

All of the activities at Holywell Bay are outside, so thankfully, although it was cloudy, it didn’t rain (unlike the weather which we have woken up to today). We spent a little bit of time being big kids and playing in the sandpits on the diggers, which are made for adults so that is my excuse, okay?

Next we had a game of Crazy Croquet where we basically used a wooden mallet to hit a tiny football around a course of obstacles, a little bit like crazy golf but on a bigger scale.

We then sat and had some dinner, before going on the Orbitors which are basically bumper-cars which you control with 2 joy sticks. I could not get the hang of how to control them at all and ended up just spinning around in circles and bumping into the sides many times aha! But I guess that is the idea of them.

There is a Crazy Golf course there which is such a good little course. We played 18 holes and I got a hole in 1, wahoo!

Before we left, we had a go of Panning for Gold, where we had to sieve through sand and water to find the ‘gold’ which was buried at the bottom. It was actually strangely relaxing and exciting aha! I am such a big child!

After all of the fun of Holywell Bay, we caught the bus back to the hotel and went for a wander into town to play some of the games in the arcades.  I couldn’t resist having an ice-cream on the way down, Clotted Cream Vanilla, YUM! It would have been rude not to, what with the sunshine deciding to show his face and all!

We played on more of the 2p machines for a little while before heading over to the old school air-hockey table which they have.

Kieran beat me 9-0 on the first game, which I wasn’t best pleased about aha! But he convinced me to have another game and this time I came close to beating him with a close 7-6 to Kieran. I’m not the worst, see!

I then managed to convince him that it would be a good idea to play 0n the dancemats, we had 3 rounds and he had never been on a dancemat before aha! He did do pretty well considering and managed to get through all 3 songs without failing, although he did claim that the dancemat wasn’t working properly, any excuse aye’.

Finally, we had a few games on Sonic Basketball, where you play as a team to get as many basketballs into the hoop as possible, within a certain time so that you can move on to the next level. Its pretty safe to say that we weren’t too good at that either, but it was so much fun! I had a few shots where the ball rebounded and I had to go running though the arcade to fetch the ball back, woopsie!

For tea we headed out to Pizza Express where I had an American pepperoni and Kieran had a Hawaiian which looked delish! I also had one of their Watermelon Chill drinks which is new to their spring menu and is absolutely gorgeous, Watermelon, Strawberry and Mint, yum.

After tea, we made a quick pitstop back to the room to wrap up in some warmer clothes before going back out for a walk along the front to see all of the beautiful beaches which are so close to us. The water is so blue that it amazes me, so, so pretty.

love, Leanne xx

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