Day 5 | Dairyland Farm World

On the last full day of our holiday, I was extremely happy to wake up to bright blue skies and beautiful warm sunshine! Hooray! Finally! However, it was short-lived, as by the time I had got ready, and written up my blog post of Day 4 the sunshine had hidden his face, yet again. I still decided that I was gonna brave shorts though, which was a mistake. All I can say is that it was a good job that I had my emergency jeans in my bag! aha!

Kieran popped out to Asda to grab us some dinner before we hopped on the bus to Dairyland Farm World.

At the entrance as you pay, there are little bags of ‘Goat Mix’ and ‘Chicken Mix’ which you can feed the animals with. SO CUTE! Of course, I couldn’t resist buying some, any excuse to get closer to the lil babies!

You are allowed to lean over almost all of the pens and touch the animals, which makes it so much better than just going to see them.

The farm was full of little babies, which was the most adorable thing ever. Lambs, Calfs, Chicks, Piglets, Goats and there was also a wild Duck family which also spent their day wandering around the farm. The little noises which they make, are so damn cute.

This cheeky little lamb was making such a noise! He made me cry-laugh with his ‘baa’, it was so loud and un-sheep like and was so damn adorable! Just look at that lil face!


We even got a chance to bottle feed both the lambs and the calfs. It was one of the best experiences that I have had. So amazing! Just a shame that I had to share with all of the 3 year olds also visiting, aha!

Along with being a farm, Dairyland Farmworld also have a big ‘soft-play’ area, which is clearly built for children, but adults are also allowed to play! It was so so much fun, running though the obstacles I felt like a contestant on Ninja Warrior aha! There is also vertical drop slides where you land in ball pits, so scary!

Along with the indoor play area, there is an outdoor adventure course, ground-level trampolines (they were actually buried in the ground, genius!) along with 2 zip-lines!

It was by far the best day of the holiday! We managed to spend 5 hours there, and would have spent longer, however we didn’t want to miss the last bus back! I’m sure the lil lambs wouldn’t have minded me snuggling up with them though!

We decided that as it was our last night, we would go back to Prezzo for our last meal away. This time I went for the ‘Tre Gusti’ Pizza, which was Chicken, Pepperoni and Bacon, and yet again it was gorgeous!

We popped down to the beach for a last little wander and to collect some sand to bring home with us. Although we didn’t stay too long as we were freezing cold! Brr!

On the way back to the hotel we took a little detour and ended up back in the arcades, they pull you in like magnets, I swear its a trap. There was a minion so close to the edge that Kieran refused to leave until we got him out. After a much longer than anticipated wait, we finally pushed him over the edge, only to find that he wouldn’t fit through the hole and he was still stuck! He still came home with us though!

I had the best time all week, although the weather hasn’t been the best, it hasn’t stopped us from doing the things which we wanted to do. It was so lovely just to get away for a few days, and I already can’t wait for the next time (and I have only been back for 2 days!).

love, Leanne xx

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