Ice Cream Cupcakes

Now, before I get into this, I have a confession. I am a TERRIBLE baker. I cheated. I’m sorry… please forgive me. However, as in my life lately I have been trying to not let anything stop me from doing what I want to do, I figured, just because I can’t bake a cake from scratch successfully, why should I let it stop me baking at all?

On the Facebook ‘on this day in history’ thingy the other day, it popped up that I had made Icecream Cupcakes 3 years ago and I thought that I may be able to do a better job of them this time around (you will find my first attempt if you scroll far enough back on my insta feed). Nope. It didn’t happen. Still, they taste good though, so who cares what they look like, aye’?

If you would like to have a crack at them, they are super easy (if you have the right ingredients in the first place) and look rather cute when they are finished.

You can make them with any cake that you like, I just used a Tesco vanilla sponge mix, but if you can make sponge then go ahead and use anything that you fancy! I think my first attempt were red velvet, yum!

You make them the exact same way that you would make normal cupcakes, except you put the cake-mix into flat bottomed Ice Cream cones, instead of cupcake cases.

I mixed up my ready made mix with 2 eggs and some water according to the instructions on the packet, then filled each of the cups to around half way up, but they probably could have had a little bit more. I then cooked them for 17ish minutes until they were slightly browned on top and a knife came out clean.

The trick to not getting soggy cones is to prick the bottoms of them with a fork after they come out of the oven to let out the steam as they cool down.

While they were cooking I chopped up 4 flake’s into quarters to decorate them with. After they had cooled completely I mixed up some buttercream, but it was a complete disaster. After adding more icing sugar and trying to freeze it to thicken it up, it ended up going into the bin!

I bought more butter and icing sugar and had a second attempt at it the day after! This time was marginally better, this time I burned out the mixer trying to soften cold butter and ended up mixing it all by hand, which took forever!

I popped it into a piping bag with a star shaped nozzle – mine wasn’t big enough, and piped them from the outside to the inside to create the effect of a Mr.Whippy 99′. I then finished each of them off with a piece of flake in the side.

They didn’t turn out quite like the Pinterest beauties I wanted them to be like (have a little look, they are amazing), but I guess they are still cute enough, and if I had a bigger nozzle for piping they would have been much better! There is always next time, aye’.

Let me know if you have a go at making them, I’m sure they will look much better than my attempt aha!

love, Leanne xx

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