Kiko, MAC + Tarte Haul

A couple of weeks ago, as it was my fiancé’s first weekend off work since November, we decided to spend the day doing a little spot of retail therapy and exploring a shopping centre which we had never been to before.

I didn’t plan on going and splurging on new makeup, but being as though it was on offer, and it’s rare that I get to see Kiko and Mac, I thought I would be rude not to!

I just thought that I would put together a little post to show you what I got, and give you a little run down on what I think of the bits which I have already tested out.

When I spotted the Kiko shop, I was immediately drawn in as I have a few bits of Kiko which I love, and we aren’t blessed by good makeup stores in the Potteries, so I jumped at the opportunity. Even more so, as the shop was plastered in ‘up to 70% off sale’. Upon entering and wandering around a little, I was then informed by one of the ladies that there was also and additional 30% off when you spend over £30!

An opportunity that couldn’t be missed, am I right gals?

The first thing which I picked up was Design Flower Enriched Bronzer in the shade 02 Couture Sienna and it was the thing out of everything that I was the most excited to try out.

I. love. this. bronzer. It just seems to be something that Kiko can get right. I have another Kiko bronzer which I have had for so long, and have used it pretty much every single day. It seems to have staying power like no other I have tried, this one included. It is such a beautiful colour, not too orange-y, but not to muddy either. It is enriched with flower extract (which is the pink section) and has a light rose smell, which I am not crazy about, but if the product is amazing, then I am sure that it is something that I can live with.

Now, I was mainly drawn to this eyeliner purely because of the crazy nibs. They are spherical. I have never seen or used anything like it before. Behold the Graphic Gaze Double Eyemarker. It is not as straight forward to use as I thought, but still gave me a much better wing than I imagined it would. I’m just not convinced that it is going to become a favourite of mine.

I am not 100% on why I thought that I would need to pick up a factor 50 sunscreen primer in the middle of winter, in the UK. But I did, none-the-less and boy is it good. This is the City Filter Sunscreen Primer. I have only ever used The Bodyshop primers before so don’t have a huge background to base it off of, but it seems to keep my make-up in place for a little longer than it would normally behave for, which is a bonus in my eyes. Plus it will be fab in summer, if we ever see the sunshine!

Again, I was drawn to this eyeliner due to it’s crazy nib. This is the Signature Eye Marker. The nib is quite wide looking from 1 direction, and skinny from the other, as if it has been squashed flat. I have tried it out, and couldn’t seem to get much out of it, it just seemed to drag my eyelid and not leave a mark, but for 60p after all of the discounts, I can’t really complain!

The next stop which I made was MAC. They had an actual independent shop, which I was not expecting at all in what is a relatively small shopping centre. So I popped in to pick up a new Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick. ie. my beloved. I thought I had lost my other one, but found it the day after, typical. Nevermind, at least I have a back-up now for when my other either runs out or runs off again!

Now, these little babes weren’t actually bought on my little shopping spree, but I had them the day before so I thought that they could sneak in and get a bit of loving too! I spotted these on QVC and after seeing the results on the models, I (pretty reluctantly) made the purchase. But I am SO glad that I did. They came together as a bundle, Tarte Opening Act Eyelash Primer and Tarteist Mascara along with a set of Tarte Eyelash curlers. Since my all time favourite mascara (Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing) has been discontinued, I have been on the lookout for a new mascara which can live up to it. And this partnership certainly gives it a run for it’s money, although it’s still not quite as good. It does however give me beautiful voluminous lashes which last (almost) all day without melting down my face, and don’t flake off at the first signs of tears.

I didn’t quite expect this post to be so long, so if you made it to the end, well done, and thank you! aha! I hope that you enjoyed seeing what I picked up and my thoughts on everything.

love, Leanne xo

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  1. I love to see you splurging out and treating yourself beautiful! You deserve it. I’m super jealous of your trip to kiko I need to see if we have one in Dublin! Is the other bronzer you have from there the one I got your from Spain ? If so I still have mine as well it’s amazing ?

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