Life Wobbles

These past couple of weeks I have been doing one heck of a lot of thinking. What do I want to do with my life? Where am I heading? Am I studying the right thing at Uni? All of the life questions.

Last week, I spent a day looking for jobs in the Graphic Design industry, and I am going to be honest, it scared me. Suddenly, I felt like I was destined to be trapped in a future, where I was going to be stuck in an office 9-5 sitting at a computer working on the same project day in – day out. So, in a blind panic, I decided that I was doing the wrong thing at Uni, and that I would start over in September doing something different. I don’t want a digital career, as much as I love all of the new technology, and being able to do things so fast, there is just something about traditional medias that gives me a lil excited buzz.

I want to work with my hands, I want to make things, draw things and design things. I thought that the answer to my problem would be to ditch Graphic Design and start over studying Surface Pattern Design.

But do I really want to waste the year that I have just completed? The First Class that I achieved in my first year would mean nothing if I started again.

I did a lot of research into the Surface Pattern course at my University, and asked previous students about their experience of studying it. And the answer? The course would have been much easier had they already got a Graphic Design background.

So, I figured, I will stick with it. I don’t want the last year of my life to have been a waste, and I do love it. Only, I am going to change my approach. This next year, I am planning on using the Surface Pattern Studio’s as much as I possibly can, and twisting my briefs to be what I want them to be, not what I think is expected of me digitally.

Also, I have been feeling like there is something more that I should be doing with my time for a while now, like an annoying little itch. I have wanted to have my own little business, but have always thought of it as something that I would do after uni, somewhere in the future. But why not do it now? So I have set myself a goal to design things and try to create my own little business. Although, I am not sure how long it is gonna take, as I don’t have the first clue about how to run a business aha! So, watch this space for that too!

I think that having my own project, where I can just do my own thing, may just solve what I have been missing. Well, that is what I am hoping anyway, ahah!

I guess that it all goes with my ‘choosing to be happy’ and ‘living in the moment’.

Is there anything that you have been wanting to do for a while? Do it now. There is nothing to stop you!

love, Leanne xx

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  1. I think that’s a great idea! I think you should involve your business in what you love doing! Designing – I’m really like framed calligraphy quotes and they are hard to find on the internet especially when you want your favour quote on it! People love personalise things. It’s an idea anyway Haha – love you lots !! Xoxox

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