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Now I need to get this off my chest first and foremost, I am a lazy brush cleaner. I leave it waaay too long between washes, purely because I hate the job, it takes up so much time and what if I need to use my brushes again that day, and I won’t be able to because they are still wet? Oh the struggles of being a woman, ha!

When I nipped into Superdrug a couple of weeks ago I spotted this little contraption which claims to be a ‘Pro Brush Cleanse Tool’ and a little voice in my head told me that I needed it. In the hopes that it would speed up the process of cleaning, and get into the bottom parts of the bristles, which I always struggle with, I bought it.

It is only small, and has grooves and little circles sticking out of it, which you swirl your brush over to really scrub out all of the grime. It’s made from what feels like a tough rubber, in a beautiful purple colour!

I gathered up all of my filthy brushes and headed into the bathroom for a deep cleansing session. I started off using shampoo, but it didn’t seem to be making much of an impact, so I turned to trusty old Fairy Liquid. When I studied makeup at college my teacher always said that it was the best thing to clean them with, as after all it is designed to break down oils.

I squirted a little bit onto the tool, before wetting the brush under warm-running water and then swirling the bristles over the grooves to build up a lather. I found that generally the more dirty the brush was, the harder it was to get a lather up, so I rinsed and repeated a few times until the water running from the brush was clean.

I then smoothed the bristles back into shape carefully before laying them out on a towel to dry off. Oh my, I forgot how beautiful my little rose-gold babies looked when their bristles are pure white, ooh, ahh!

Overall, I think that it made a massive difference to just using my hand to wash them with. It was so much quicker and easier, and made it a little more fun. But thats probably due to it being new to me, I guess the novelty will wear off eventually, aha! The hole which you put your fingers in to hold it became a little uncomfortable and the edges began to dig into my fingers after a couple of brushes, so I switched it over to my thumb, which made it a little more comfortable, but still not a great deal. I think its worth it though because it speeds things up so much!

Coming back to my brushes the day after, I found that they hadn’t dried as clean as they looked when I first washed them, which I can only think is due to the very bottoms of the bristles not being cleaned enough, but like I said, I am a lazy brush cleaner, what can I do!

I bought mine from Superdrug for around £5, although I have since spotted an almost identical tool in Primark for around £1.50!

Do you have any tips for brush housekeeping? I would love to know!

love, Leanne xx


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