Monthly Favourites | June 2016

Is past the middle of July too late to post a June Favourites? Maybe it is, but who makes the rules? Im’a do it anyway!

So, here goes! June has been a month of a lot of emotions. To start the month off was Payday, followed by going to see Busted, then a week later off to Newquay for a lovely 5 days away, a perfect start to the month. The day after we returned though, we had some very bad news, which shook the whole family and made the rest of the month a very sad and emotional one. But that isn’t why we are here, so lets have a look at some of the best things which June had to offer me!


I am fairly sure that I rambled on about my holiday already far too much on this blog, but I couldn’t not include it in my favourites. It just wouldn’t be right! It was the first holiday that me and my boyfriend have been on alone together and although the weather wasn’t too great, we made the most of it and it was lovely. Although I am on a major sunshine crave right now! I blogged every day of my holiday, you can read those here if you didn’t already!

Make Up Revolution Eyeshadow – Mocha Love

Make Up Revolution Eyeshadow

I picked up this eyeshadow whilst I was away in Newquay as the matte brown shade in my Make Up Revolution Iconic Palette had almost ran out. I have been using it for everything! Literally my whole face! Most of the days I have just been using it as an all-over eye colour, but I have also used it just as a crease colour, as a contour, bronzer and for my eyebrows. Almost a 1 product face! It is just the perfect colour for everything, but it also doesn’t look as though you have used 1 product all over once it is applied, which is good! After all, you don’t want to be looking like you rubbed your face in it and called it done!

MAC Velvet Teddy

I have been adoring the Matte lip trend lately, and I have been adoring wearing MAC Velvet Teddy almost every day, not that I ever fell out of love with it. I have been pairing it with my Make Up Revolution Mocha Love eyeshadow all over the lid, sometimes a thick wing, sometimes a thin wing, and a little, or a lot of highlight, and it just looks so damn pretty!

Black Denim Jacket 

Black Denim Jacket – Topshop

I umm’ed and ahh’ed about getting this jacket so much, especially because it was quite expensive, but I am SO glad that I did! It goes with almost anything, and I have been wearing it almost every single day! It is so easy to just throw on, even over gym clothes, and just adds a little something to the outfit. It is supposed to be oversized, but I ended up sizing down by 1-2 sizes and it is still big enough on me to get a thick jacket on underneath too, and still be a bit baggy! Perfect for any weather, either on its own, sleeves rolled up if it’s sunny, or sleeves down and a hoodie on underneath if it is a bit chilly. It is just perfect and I love love love it!

Tesco Finest White Chocolate & Honeycomb Cookies

My, oh, my. I am not normally a lover of cookies, however these little delights are incredible. They have that soft, squishy, but also kinda chewy texture, massive white chocolate chunks, and pools of melted honeycomb all the way through them. YUMYUMYUM. Of course, they aren’t very good for you, but what ever is that tastes so damn good? And everyone deserves a treat, right? I just probably don’t need a treat every single day, ahah! I bought them home once, and now my mum brings multiple packs home a week so they are always in the house, shouting me, like little honeycomb demons. I may try to attempt making my own version, although I am shocking at baking, but it will be an experience, and maybe even a blog post? Let me know what you think!


Throughout June, I have found myself doing a lot more drawing than I normally do, and I have been absolutely loving it! I find that when I am at Uni, I spend so much time with a pen or a pencil in my hand anyway that I never think to stop and draw to relax, so now that I am free, I have gotten back into it again and am really enjoying it!

What were your June Favourites?

love, Leanne xx

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