Owl Heaven

I think that I died and went to Owl Heaven. Owls are an animal which I have never really thought about, or admired. That is until we went to a local Canal Festival a few weeks ago and I held the cutest tiny little owl and I fell in love.

There was so many different breeds of owl there, each one so gorgeous in its own unique way. I was blown away by how different they all looked and acted. Little tiny owls, to massive, rather scary looking ones, they were all so beautiful.

There was one which looked just like Hedwig, from Harry Potter, and he wouldn’t let anyone walk past him without touching, and making a fuss of him.  One of the volunteers working there was explaining to us that before they hatch from their egg, they make a call to their mother to say that they are on their way, but once they are hatched they never make it again. However, the little cutie, at 26 years old, still made his hatching call all of the time, it was one of the sweetest things I have ever heard. It just melted my heart.

Kieran had to prize me away, but I could have literally just stood and watched the way that they move and listened to the cute little noises that they make all day, so fascinating!

For the rest of the day we enjoyed a delicious woodfired pizza for dinner, and had a stroll down the canal to see all of the barge-shops. They are also so so fascinating, how people live on those things, never mind running a business on there too is beyond me!

love, Leanne xx


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