Revlon | Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

After seeing Zoe (Zoella) talking about these in her March Favourites Video I went out and bought Devotion first of all. Superdrug currently has £2 off each, along with them being on 3 for 2, and 10% off for beautycard holders!

They come in a pretty small, but beautiful range of colours, 4 of which I have ended up purchasing! It’s not very often that I buy a lipstick and am so impressed with it that I go out to buy more shades almost immediately, so they must be something special!

These little beauties are quite tricky to apply, but I have never used a liquid lipstick before so I guess that I just need to get used to a different type of application. As it says in the name they are an Ultra HD Matte formula, however when they are first applied they have more of a silky to glossy finish until they dry, which does take quite a while with some of the shades. When they are dry though, they are VERY matte, and they have amazing staying power! I have applied and worn 2 of the shades so far, and with both I have eaten meals and nibbled all day and been amazed to see that they are still almost perfectly in place hours after application! – The main reason why I went and bought myself another 3 colours!

The shades which I have – so far – are:

600 – Devotion
620 – Flirtation
625 – Love
635 – Passion

Try them out, they are seriously worth it! Especially if you can get your hands on them while they are still on offer!

love, Leanne xx

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