Trentham Monkey Forest

Yesterday was the first day of real sun that we have had all year so far, this time last week it was snowing, and now we have beautiful blue skies and 19 degree heat, not bad for May! I am the type of person that if the weather is nice, I don’t like to waste it by not doing anything as I know that beautiful days are a rarity ahah! So yesterday, after I had handed in my final uni work, my boyfriend and I decided to take a spontaneous trip out to the Monkey Forest, as a kind of celebration of both me finishing my first year, and the beautiful weather aha!

We don’t do many things spontaneously, so I wasn’t armed with the lenses and cameras that I would have taken with me had I known that we were going, but the monkeys were adorable and I still managed to get some photographs of them none-the-less.

Our local Monkey Forest has 140 Barbary macaques which are free to roam around, with no cages, so they can come right up to you on the paths! It really is incredible how close to them you can get, there isn’t many times or places in the world where you can get so close to monkeys.

I could honestly spend hours just sitting and watching what they do and how they move, it fascinates me so much! I was actually amazed at how they eat just like we do, I know it might sound silly, but they just know which fruits they can eat the skin on and which they can’t and it amazes me how intelligent they really are!

Although we were only there for an hour-or-so, it really made my day and I had such a lovely time!

Love, Leanne xx


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