1:Face Watch

How bloody gorgeous is this watch?

This little beauty is a 1:Face, and not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but the company who make them are incredible too.

1:Face have a couple of different styles which they sell, however each one has a load of different colour ways. Amazingly, each different colour way is linked to a particular charity, and the money from the sale of each watch goes to the charity when they are bought. How incredible!

There is 9 different causes which they support: cancer, hunger, breast cancer, clean water, disaster relief, environment, AIDS, education, and animal rights.

I had been eyeing them up for aages, but a few weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and decided to order one. Not only do you receive a beautiful watch, but you also gain the satisfaction that your money has gone to a good cause, meaning that it feels just that bit more special.

This lil baby is a :M in Rose Gold and Black, which supports Cancer. The money from the sale, incredibly, provides enough money to support 16 Cancer patients.

The face is is much bigger than I expected it to be, but it isn’t too big, it feels really well made and sturdy. It is all Rose Gold coloured (I am a sucker for Rose Gold, I must admit), and the face of it has a mirrored finish, with mirrored Rose Gold hands. The strap is plenty long enough to fit both a man’s and a woman’s wrist, I have to fold the end back over on itself and tuck it back into the holder. It is made from a Nylon’y type material, and is the only things which lets it down slightly, as the edges are quite rough and slightly itchy. However I have had family and friends try it on and they have not been bothered by it, so I must have sensitive wrists, aha.

If you want to check them out you can here: 1face.com

Let me know what you think!

love, Leanne xx

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