21st Birthday Surprise

While I was having a little blogging break, I turned 21 and quite a few exciting things happened, so I thought I would pop up a few little catch-up posts, as I took a load of photos but never wrote the posts to go with them, I hope you don’t mind!

Although my birthday was in November, my Auntie and Uncle were on holiday in New Zealand for the big day, so they arranged a surprise birthday celebration for me in October, so kind!

Leading up to the day, my mum and auntie had been winding me up, as all I knew was I had to keep the date free for ‘something’. Now, as I don’t drink or party (I know, so old lady of me), they thought it would be funny to lead me to believe that I was having a party, with a stripper and the works. Which turned out to not be their brightest idea, as it left a very anxious Leanne to get worked up and and very agitated about what was going on, I think I may have even sounded a tad ungrateful at a few moments, oops.

The day arrived and after multiple outfit changes (it’s so hard to judge what to wear when you have no idea where you are going!) and a photoshoot in the living room, I was ready to go.


It turned out to be THE CUTEST little victorian tea room in a local town for an afternoon tea party! So sweet of them, agreed? All of my closest family were there and we spent the afternoon munching sandwiches, cakes and pastries, delish!



As they were away for my birthday, they also wanted me to open my presents, and I am just THE LUCKIEST GIRL. Radley, Michael Kors AND money, what?! I have the best fam in the world. <3


love, Leanne xo


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