I Wrote a Book! – A Sky Stitched with Stars

This semester at uni, I got briefed to write and illustrate a children’s picturebook. I was so excited, yet nervous at the beginning of the year, and struggled a little, as story writing is something which I have never done. However, I made it through, and am actually {surprisingly} very happy with the result, so I wanted to share some snaps of the spreads with you.

This version of the book is still only a working dummy/mock of what would be the final book, which is why most spreads are still just black and white fineliner drawings. If I was to develop it any more, then all of the spreads would be painted and stitched to match the few final ones and the front cover.

I would love to know any thoughts which you have on it!

love Leanne xo

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  1. This is so cool! Congratulations on this opportunity. 🙂 The artwork looks lovely, and I’m sure it’ll look even better once it’s all coloured in and finished. Love the font of the letters, too! From reading the blurb, it sounds like a super cute story.


  2. Leanne, please please please make this available because I need a copy! (Pretending it’s for my nephews but also for me!!!!) The illustration is beautiful. Huge well done – can’t wait to see the finished result! Xxxxxxx

    1. Awh cutie! Thank you so much! I am torn of whether to get it finished all painted as a proper book, or to get it printed as it is now as a colouring book. Do you have any thoughts as a reader? xoxox

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