We’re Engaged!

The weekend before my birthday, I was whisked away to a spa hotel in Manchester for a day of shopping on the Saturday and a spa day on the Sunday, by my amazing boyf. He has never, ever done anything like it before, but as it was my 21st he said that it was my present.

When he told me I was so overwhelmed and all I could say was ‘really? really really? really really really?’ I think I drove him mad with my excitement!

We hopped on a train to Manchester, bright and early, and after dropping off our bags in the hotel, we headed out for a day full of shopping. We normally bicker quite a lot whilst clothes shopping, but on this particular day, he just kept saying ‘it’s your day, we do what you want to do’ (how cute, eh?).

After we had shopped til we dropped, we headed back to the hotel room, to get changed to go out for a meal at our fave restaurant, Prezzo. We completely fell in love with it when we were on holiday in Newquay (you can read the blog posts of that holiday here) and as there isn’t one close to where we live, it makes it extra special when we get to go.

After the meal (my beloved Prezzo Italian burgers), we headed off for a little stroll around the night-time streets of Manchester, around Selfridges (as it was the only shop which was open at 7pm), and stopped off to watch a couple of little firework displays, as it was bonfire night. It was so beautiful, I was in dream land.

As we headed back down the corridor to the room, Kieran pulled the key-card from his wallet and said that I had to go first. Now, I possibly wouldn’t have suspected a thing, had he not already said the same thing to me earlier on in the day, but it did make me a teeny bit suspicious, I must admit.

As I opened the door to the room. I was greeted with this.. although I still didn’t fully suspect what was going on.

When I saw what was written on the bed, I instantly burst out crying, and said ‘yes’, but was then told off because ‘I haven’t even asked you yet!’ aha! He then pulled out the ring, got down on one knee and asked me officially. I was a blubbering mess for the next 2 hours.

I had picked out the ring  m o n t h s  before, as I was dragging him to various windows ‘just to have a look’ and he remembered! It was so gorgeously perfect, aside from being 2 sizes too big, but a girl can’t complain as he bought the same size as all of my other rings, just this finger is the skinny one ahah!

I then went on to spend the next few weeks just being mesmerised, making my ring glisten in the light. I have never felt so happy and content. It, and he, really is incredible.

We are planning to have a very long engagement, as we are both still living at home, and are both at uni, but it feels so nice to be in the next stage of ‘us’, especially after 6 years together. We are just so happy.

love, Leanne xo

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